Monday, July 31, 2017

Path of Exile: Saturday Night Action

Path of Exile has been getting A LOT more interesting lately.  First, we have the upcoming Fall of Oriath acts.  Then there's the potential to finally eliminate the soon to be superfluous Cruel and Merciless game modes in favor of the acts.

But in the meantime...

It seems that the volume switch has been turned to 11 when it comes to action.  For the past few months since the Fall of Oriath announcement there seems to be more action and variance in the standard maps than there used to be.

So much so that I've been investing more time in the game.  This has translated to Path of Exile being almost exclusive content on the regular Saturday night live streams.

Which means a lot more YouTube content.  Check out my YouTube channel on Saturday nights around 12AM Pacific time and you're sure to see myself and Shotglass creating mayhem across Wraeclast.

Check out the examples below and stop by!

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