Monday, November 28, 2016

Attack of the Freebies: Farcry 3 Blood Dragon, Trials Fusion and a little Rainbow 6 Siege

I like free things.  Especially when they're worth something.  In my latest raid of the Ubisoft freebie bin I decided to try something new.  

That translated into a new guilty pleasure and a 10.36GB download that was uninstalled 15 minutes later.

A picture is worth 100 words and if it moves it's worth at least twice as much.

The two games I tried out were: Trials Fustion, a Motocross stunt game and FarCry 3 Blood Dragon, a twist on Farcry 3 set among the action movie ridiculousness of the 80's.  

All of this pales in comparison to my greatest achievement last week, however.  With some advice from fellow gaming buddy Shotglass I finally got through the ASSET Protection mission in Rainbow 6 Siege!

Check out the videos below and HEY!  If you like what you see consider subscribing to my YouTube channel!  I upload at least 2 videos a week with my latest interests being Rainbow 6 Siege and Path of Exile.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Stuff: Steep open Beta

Trying out something that popped up in an email from Ubisoft.  It's the Steep open beta.  Steep is an open world winter sports game allowing you to snowboard, ski, base jump or parachute anywhere you want.

That's the short story but the real fun is in the playing.  I've got a very RAW video below for you to watch.  This was my first experience with the game so there's parts I was pleased with and parts I wasn't exactly wild about.  

All of it is here.  Check it out!

Or for the Bite Sized Version....The Highlight Reel

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I'll be live streaming Friday November 11th

In honor of Veteran's day November 11th ( in the US ) I'll be live streaming a few hours of Rainbow Six Siege and maybe some Battlefield 3 or 4.  Remember those who have served and thank them for being the few who do so much and ask so little in return. 

You can watch my livestream on YouTube @