Monday, December 11, 2017

Path of Exile: Path of the Gods ( so far )


Like any RPG, Path of Exile has its share of deities and demigods.  Some more challenging than others but none that you'd be wise to turn your back on.

Since the expansion that brought the game to 10 acts and 2 parts Grinding Gear has upped the ante by making even the most pedestrian hordes more challenging if by nothing else sheer numbers.  As you progress in the main game the action can get frantic and make you wish for those "pediestrian" boss battles like Piety and Dominus back in Part 1.

But that's not much fun is it?  Where's the catalyst for improvement in that?  No, Path of Exile makes you go big or go home.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a little lopsided as you'll see in the playlist below.