Sunday, February 4, 2018

Path of Exile: Ego and Insantiy, the hell with it!

There Comes a time when you just have to call it quits.  A time when you realize that you probably should have hung it up long ago but you just kept going.

So it is with Path of Exile.  Recently I completed the game with my most popular ( according to YouTube ) character and got a nasty surprise.  A huge penalty for doing nothing but WINNING THE GAME!

I posted a video warning other players and shared it on Steam.  Not long after I got a rash of nastiness and character assassination that bordered on the insane.

Imagine getting that dream job that you worked so hard for and on your first day you find that your pay has been cut by 60%.

How would that make yo feel?   Cheated, misled, angry?

Life can be that way, that's why we play games.  It's not real but at least we can work toward something and feel good about ourselves for doing it.  We expect to be able to win eventually.  For some it's the only reward a sad existence can offer.  That existence is made even sadder when you accept a kind of Stockholm syndrome that abuses some players.  So much so that they will defend bad decisions, bad gameplay and punitive design.

The afflicted came out and vocalized their affliction as they have for years.  I finally had enough of it and responded with a video made just for them.

If the only voices heard are that of the insane then don't expect the resulting game to be any better.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

YouTube ripping monetization from millions of small YouTube channels.

My issues with Google and specifically YouTube are well documented.  What was a grassroots, user focused medium to get content otherwise unavailable has largely become nothing more than the "second screen" for the likes of CBS, HBO and Netflix.

YouTube's draconian rules that it routinely ignores when it suits their own purposes are enforced with the efficiency of a sledgehammer to the skull for everyone else.

Illegitimate copyright claims run rampant and even when successfully defended against leave many YouTube channels in ruin.

Last year we saw the rise of the new "transparency" of YouTube's monetization policy where a video may not violate the "community rules" but if by arbitrary whim is deemed "Not Advertiser Friendly" your penalty is low rankings and little to no revenue.

So much for the "YPP " Youtube Partner Program.

Now comes the final blow from the emerging "second screen" of traditional media.  

In an email today I received notification that YouTube would be removing monetization from all of my channels effective Feb 20, 2018.

This was explained as a response to the need to "protect revenue" for "thriving creators."  What that means is you'd better have more than 1000 subs and be generating 4000 hours of views over the last 12 months by the deadline.

That equates to enough views of your content to equal 166 straight 24 hour days to remain viable in this new formula.

The only thing YouTube is protecting is that "second screen."  Traditional media and its ensuing soup of mediocrity doesn't want to compete with new and fresh ideas.  
YouTube has been increasingly strict with content creators over the past half decade and now the real reason has been unveiled.

They don't give a damn about new media, grassroots or growing anything that doesn't already have a 6% or better Nielsen share somewhere else.

So-called creator tools and "help" are anything but.  If you're not a late night talk show or a pop star YouTube has no interest in promoting your videos.  In fact they've been increasingly hostile enforcing policies unevenly against smaller creators. 

But before the charges of how YouTube is a business with a right to make money understand that I know it's a sandbox not a democracy.  But it's strayed far from its humble roots of homespun howto's and cat videos.

Advertising was originally brought in to support creators and by extension help YouTube.  Today, that revenue stream has become a weapon.  It's used as a Sword of Damacles held over the ever diminishing power of the independent content creator.  That's by design as YouTube actively moves against creative and toward the marketable.  
 Community guidelines reflect this with many more strict than the FCC with little to no recourse if leveled unjustly.  All this not to ensure quality but rather quantity.
...of dollars...

Not for the creators, however, for YouTube.  
It's fine that they make money but that's all it's about now and that's not what new media is supposed to be.

Alas, it's their sandbox, they make the rules.  The only way to fight back is to use those rules against them.  We do that by subscribing to smaller channels and promoting them to others.  We support them by not falling for the bright lights and high production values of the so-called "Youtubers" who are nothing more than shills for corporate interests.

It's easy to tell the genuine from the fakes.  Real content creators don't stop in the middle of a video to shill an ad for the latest motherboard, lipstick or vacuum cleaner that just so happens to have it's own Amazon link in the description page.

That's not information that's an infomercial and that's what YouTube is becoming full of.  Infomercials and second screens for the likes of CBS and Netflix.

Is that what you want?  

Support the little guy for a change and make a REAL difference!