Sunday, February 4, 2018

Path of Exile: Ego and Insantiy, the hell with it!

There Comes a time when you just have to call it quits.  A time when you realize that you probably should have hung it up long ago but you just kept going.

So it is with Path of Exile.  Recently I completed the game with my most popular ( according to YouTube ) character and got a nasty surprise.  A huge penalty for doing nothing but WINNING THE GAME!

I posted a video warning other players and shared it on Steam.  Not long after I got a rash of nastiness and character assassination that bordered on the insane.

Imagine getting that dream job that you worked so hard for and on your first day you find that your pay has been cut by 60%.

How would that make yo feel?   Cheated, misled, angry?

Life can be that way, that's why we play games.  It's not real but at least we can work toward something and feel good about ourselves for doing it.  We expect to be able to win eventually.  For some it's the only reward a sad existence can offer.  That existence is made even sadder when you accept a kind of Stockholm syndrome that abuses some players.  So much so that they will defend bad decisions, bad gameplay and punitive design.

The afflicted came out and vocalized their affliction as they have for years.  I finally had enough of it and responded with a video made just for them.

If the only voices heard are that of the insane then don't expect the resulting game to be any better.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Steam Winter Sale 2017 Start Date!

According to Trusted Reviews 

The Steam Winter Sale 2017 Starts at 6PM GMT December 21'st and ends January 4th!

Check out the deals when they happen!